LazerFloor: Competitive Active Grid in Taichung!

2 Hours: 5 ppl – 1600$(happy hour) 2 Hours: 6 to 10 ppl – 3200$ 2 Hours: 11 to 20 ppl – 6400$
  • 3 rounds up to 50 levels
  • One free drink
Must play with sports or hiking shoes!


After bringing you the best lasertag in Taiwan, the team behind lazertreks comes with a new activity : LAZERFLOOR ACTIVE GRID.

The concept : a COOPERATIVE and COMPETITIVE “the floor is lava” game (unlike all other ACTIVE GRID in TAIWAN!!),  where you have to think, move fast and precisely to deactivate a fixed number of blue tiles.

Embark now on a unique challenge, POP THE BLUE TILES!



Appeared a few years ago in the USA under the name “Activate GRID,” LAZERFLOOR ACTIVE GRID is a “complete game” which requires you to use your speed

agilityteamwork, and intelligence to succeed.

When the game starts, you have 4 types of tiles:

  • Deactivated tiles
  • Green tiles
  • Blue tiles
  • Red tiles

The green tiles are known as “safe zones,” which means you can step on them at any time without risking losing a life.

The blue tiles need to be deactivated. Each time you press on them, you are one step closer to victory.

The red tiles must be avoided at all costs! If you press on them, you will lose a life.

The deactivated tiles…. are deactivated. So they do nothing.

Contrary to popular belief, your greatest strength is NOT speed. The red tiles always follow a pattern, so it’s better to take the time to analyze it before rushing like crazy if you don’t want to lose a life foolishly.

A level consists of twice the same challenge, but at different speeds. So don’t waste all your lives on the slow one!

If you fail a level too often, after 3 minutes, the system will send you to the next level.


We ask you to arrive about 15 minutes in advance, so that you can prepare before the game (don’t forget to pay! it’s always better  ).

After that, your professional coach will explain the rules (it’s not that long), and to prevent injuries, you will start with a warm-up session to make sure your joints are warm (we don’t charge for the fitness session!).

Then it will be your turn to shine with your team in the arena. don’t forget blue, blue, blue, DON’T STEP ON THAT RED!!, blue, blue…

When the active grid game is finished, you will receive your scorecard (and your free drink after the first game) so that you can remember all your mistakes but still be happy that you got this far! If you were separated into 2 teams, you can also laugh at your friends’ failures

And after your break, you will play again, with different levels, increased difficulty, until you play the 3rd game! (I hope you didn’t make too much fun of your friends after the first battle! because this time it might be you  )

It will end with a group photo in the arena so that you can definitely relax and keep all those wonderful memories!


Like any sports activity, there are certain rules we ask you to follow.

First of all, it is not recommended to play if you have a serious heart disease. Similarly, if you are pregnant (babies might not enjoy the game as much as you will).

We do not allow people to play without sneakers or hiking shoes. The activity, like badminton for example, can be taxing on the ankles, so it’s better if they are protected !

The walls are there to delimit the space. So, there’s no need to try to smash through them like a bull in an arena or attempt a 110-meter hurdles (we checked, the height is not regulation), or to attempt a climbing session (you won’t look like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, I promise).

Don’t forget, someone will be with you at all time (and we are talking about our coach, not your girlfriend or boyfriend).


LAZERFLOOR Active Grid does thing differently from its competitors. Because we consider that the best coaching is done by a person, accompanying you and bringing something more to the activity, we never use video coaching.

We are certain that people enjoy a competitive team battle more than a simple cooperative active grid game, that’s why we split the arena in 2.

Also, we think that if you play fora long time, the chances of having an accident are high, so we prefer people to play 3 times a smaller amount of time, to get some time to enjoy the battle, but also to relax and avoid injuries.

Our game levels are balanced and developed by ourselves, so that we can adapt it to what our customers like.

And lastly, you get a score card after each active grid game, that gives you informations about what you just did.

A reminder, also something to compare your team with the other team.

All this is part of the unique LAZERFLOOR ACTIVE GRID experience.

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