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Active Grid

Let’s get ready to pass the levels, cheering each other, sweating together, until the timer reaches the end, here comes active grid!

Lazerfloor is a FUN fast paced game where you run to pop blue tiles while avoiding red ones in team so you can pass many levels!

In short: Use your brain and your wits!


Lazerfloor is THE ACTIVITY that everyone wants to play lately!

Mixing team game, agility, coordination and brain, you will get a great moment of fun with your family or friends!


This game is a very nice way to bond and start sharing strategies between people, so that levels can be beaten fast!

The game is really fun, energetic, and requires team synchro to win.


The tiles are really reactive, the area is surrounded on all sides, so that you are cut from the outside while playing.

After a briefing and a warming up, the game will start for 5 sessions of 8 minutes, each separated by 10 minutes rest periods.

Lazerfloor – basic rules

Lazerfloor is a game of speed, agility and team work. You are on a floor made of interactive tiles sized 30x30cm, that activates in different colors :

  • green : safe area
  • grey : neutral area
  • blue : area to pop to deactivate
  • red : area to avoid


the aim of the game is to pop all the blue tiles, without stepping on the red tiles. (trust us, it requires to analyze where you will put your feet!)

If the whole member of your team step on the red tiles for 10 times, the game is considered lost and you have to restart it… With a blast of guilt from the one who press the last red tile!

If you take more than 3 minutes to pass a level, the game is considered lost but the system still goes to the next one… So you won’t lose too much time on a level you cannot pass!


If you succeed to deactivate all blue tiles, then the game is a success and you have to do it once again at faster speed before reaching the next level.


You can play as long as the timer is still on, to try to beat the highest level possible!

Lazer-Tag Activity Center in Taichung

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