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Discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and beat the challenge left by the Pharaohs! In this 18 holes minigolf, use your talents in geometry and your precision to do all the holes in one shot! Let the challenge begins!

Minigolf is an easy and fun leisure for families, group activities and friends.

  • The playground is about 300 square meters
  • It does not require any training.
  • The game last about 1 hour
  • It can be played from 5 years old (with an adult’s help).
  • We provide you the equipment
  • It is an indoor playground and there is a parking right in front of the shop !!!

Game Rules

Mini golf consists of playing a ball from the tee into the hole by a stroke. Each player must complete the course in full before the next player takes their turn. Players start on the first course and progress in order. The winner is the player with the lowest aggregate stroke play total. Each stroke counts as a point. If the ball has not been holed after six strokes, another point is added. The highest score at any hole is 7.

One stroke penalty if:

  • Ball jumps off fairway….replace where ball left fairway
  • Ball snagged in obstacle….replace closest to obstacle on fairway
  • Ball rolls back to tee….replace on tee
A ball is deemed to have been holed when it comes to rest in the cup. If a ball enters the cup and then rebounds out again, it is deemed not to have been successfully holed.

Safety Rules

  • The playground is open for kids 5+ years and adults
  • Remember, it’s all about having fun!
  • Group size limit 6 people at a time for one hole
  • No group of kids (less than 7 years) without an adult
  • Do not swing putters
  • The iron of the putter should always be close to the floor
  • Do not eat balls or putters
  • No food or alcohol on the course
  • Do not start on any hole before group ahead finish
  • Do not touch the paint on the walls
  • One game is 18 holes. After the 18th hole, the game finish. Do not restart the game.

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