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Let us introduce the difference between urban warfare and lasertag. because both games use similar technologies people believe they are the same. This is actually wrong.

Laser tag is closer to sport activity whereas on the other hand Urban warfare is much closer to wargame. Our urban warfare laser guns are ultra realistic weaponry when our laser tag tagger are designed to be safe.

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Tag vs Shoot

In laser tag the purpose of the game it to “tag” people, we don’t use the word shoot because you don’t really die, but are merely disabled for a few seconds, so the death penalty is very small. In urban warfare the death is much more penalizing as you must go back to the respawn zone to get a new life. the laser tag is about shooting, when urban warfare is about surviving.

Shooting Spree vs Cold head

Also in laser tag your number of bullet is illimited but in urban warfare you have to manage your amno clips and be careful not to run out of ammunition at the wrong time.

Fast pace vs Camping

In the end the effect on the game is that laser tag is much more faster pace because movement is important and you have no resting time during the game. On the other hand urban warfare is more of a position game with a lot of slow time when camping or returning to the respawn point after death.

Intense vs Endurance

It is possible to play urban warfare for a long time without break, But with laser tag you need rest frequently or your the legs gonna quickly feel unconfortable . Laser tag tagger are meant to short range when urban warfare can shoot up to 200 m.

Space environment vs Urban Scene

The decoration in lasertag aimed at making you feel you are elsewhere, some futuristic place with blacklight colors glowing everywhere. On the other part, for Urban Warfare, you are fighting in a urban environment, with buildings, roads, parkings, … and you can use obstacles like sandbag, barrels and condemned windows to protect yourself.

A lot of game modes

Both our laser tag and urban warfare game offers a lot of different game scenario. Laser tag scenario take about 5 to 10 minutes when urban warfare scenario from 10 to 15 minutes. Also urban warfare scenario requires much more teamwork and strategy.


laser tag and urban warfare are 2 totaly different games with different feeling. Both are fun so feel free to try both of them! Though if you never tried laser tag before or if you are less than 15 year old we suggest you start with normal laser tag.

For more security, the lasertag Urban Warfare activity is not authorized for kids under 15 years old.

Lazer-Tag Activity Center in Taichung

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