Lazertreks – Activity Center : lasertag,minigolf and lazerfloor in Taichung

Ready your lasergun to battle your friends,  discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt or pop hundreds of blue tiles… Just a few steps from home!

For all your outings in Taichung, with friends, coworkers  or family, for the birthdays or the bachelor, come discover our space! LazerTreks  makes a perfect location for team building, colleague gathering , socializing, hosting events, evening parties or any other kind of celebration with its numerous lasertag games, its unique in Taiwan blacklight minigolf and its awesome new lazerfloor game.

Come visit our inter – galactic laser center,  our 300 square meters lasertag arena, our 12 challenging holes minigolf  and our new 15×15 lazerfloor areas will simply amaze you!